Caring for Pain Symptoms

Migraine Pain Relief Tips

Commonly called migraine headaches, migraine pain is actually much more than a headache. With other associated symptoms, like nausea, the onset of a migraine can stop you in your tracks. But you can take steps to help control your migraine pain before it controls you.


Migraines are typically a constant thumping in the head, rather than the dull pain of a tension headache. Your whole being is assaulted by the environment around you – light, noise, glare, people. You need to take action to change that environment.

  • Don’t carry on, thinking things will get better. They won’t unless you take action quickly.
  • Take a painkiller indicated for migraine pain.
  • Take a rest, or even better a sleep. Seek out a quiet and darkened room. An eye mask will help.
  • Stop thinking. Try to turn off your brain when it’s working too hard.
  • Place a cool, damp cloth over your eyes, or an ice pack on the back of the neck (warm for a headache, but cold for a migraine).
  • Control your breathing. Take regular, deep breaths to calm down the body and brain.


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