Caring for Pain Symptoms

How to get Relief from Muscle Pain & Body Aches

Manage your pain before it controls you. Back pain, muscle pain and body aches, and menstrual pain shouldn’t stop you from doing your everyday activities. 


Control your pain and get back to the life you enjoy by treating your muscle injuries and body aches.

  • Rest - aching muscles need time to heal but keep using the muscles normally and with gentle stretching. Otherwise you may end up weaker than before and vulnerable to further pain.  
  • Ice - put enough ice to cover the sore area in a plastic bag (or use a bag of frozen vegetables) wrapped in a thin towel to protect your skin, and apply it to the sore area for 20 minutes at a time.
  • Compression - later you can wrap the injured area in an elastic bandage or tape it to give the muscle support. 
  • Elevation - if possible, elevate the sore muscle (propped up with pillows).
  • Pain Reliever - time is the best healer but you might need to relieve the pain or sleep better by taking a painkiller such as TYLENOL®. 


Recommended Product for Muscle Pain & Body Aches